3 Tips to Market Your Silent Disco

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With the right guidance, marketing for your Silent Disco can be really easy. Listen up!\n\nSilent disco wedding\n\nThe most common question that we hear at Party Headphones™ is “How do I market a silent disco?” Whether you are a production company marketing to potential clients, a college event director trying to spread the word about an upcoming student silent disco event, or just a regular joe inviting your friends to your event, the underlying marketing message can remain the same. Identify your target audience and put your efforts towards what you believe will speak to them. The best way to find out which tactic is best for you (if not a combination of them) is by talking to them directly.\n\nWe will identify some of the most common and successful silent disco marketing tips. We hope that our experience can help get your prospects just as excited as you are.\n\nSimultaneous Audio Channels\n\nDouble up on the music. One of the biggest differences of a silent disco event compared to a standard event is the ability to have two channels playing simultaneously. Each participant has the option of selecting one of those two channels and can pick which they prefer. This interactive nature allows two DJs to battle for audience and puts control over the experience in the hands of your guests. Then sit back and watch the hysteria as guests get down to two different beats at the same time.\n\nAvoid Noise Restrictions\n\nParty longer and later without disturbing those neighbors known to put a damper on a good time.\n\nSince booming speakers are a thing of the past, you no longer need to worry about those pesky noise restrictions. You can hold silent disco events in areas that were previously impossible like rooftops, parks, beaches, etc.\n\nFor a mobile solution, the transmitters are battery powered so you are free to stray from an electric outlet.\n\nUnique, Memorable Time\n\nAdd a little spice to your event that is sure to leave your guests ranting and raving.\n\nWe’ve seen skeptics turn into fanatics.\n\nAcquaintances become friends.\n\nPeople lose all inhibitions and just have a good time.\n\nSilent Discos can even fit in at the fanciest of events. A bride who held a silent disco as part of her wedding said:\n\n“The silent disco made us the popular ones amongst our friends. Our guests are still talking about the wedding and how cool it was!” – Kathryn, Silent Disco Bride\n\nIf you want to give a unique experience to your guests that they are sure to remember silent disco may be a good option for you.\n\nHow many people do you know who can say they have been to a silent disco?\n\nSilent Disco Limitations\n\nSilent disco provides inspiration for all sorts of new and unique types of events. The only limitation to silent parties is your imagination.\n\nDon’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to your event with headphones, use it as an opportunity to wow and surprise your audience.\n\nDo you have any other ideas to  help market a silent disco?\n\n 

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