Host a Virtual DJ Party for the Ultimate Remote Experience!

DJ Streaming for remote online dj party

Are you living life on the wild side? Probably not. Staying at home and hanging with your spouse/partner, kids, parents, roommates, or all by yourself 24/7 is not necessarily exciting. Spice up your life by hosting a Live Virtual DJ Party! Party Headphones™’ Remote Solution to Safe “Socially Distant” Parties We know you can’t have […]

Reinvent the Holidays with a Silent Disco – Corporate Style

Recently, we posted about the never-ending holiday parties that infiltrate our social schedules each December. For those who are stumped a party theme, we provided some unique theme options for hosting a party of your own. Take a peek here. This week, we’ll focus on work parties because they are a little different. Gone are […]

Events XD Is The Perfect (FREE!) App For Events

Silent Disco Rental

Event planners, especially those who work for themselves, need all the help they can get when it comes to organization. Organization is key when you’re managing multiple vendors, a client, a budget, on-site emergencies. Well, the company EventsXD believes events should have an app to help organize and engage their attendees. And we’re on board […]

Reinvent the Holidays with a Silent Disco

Each time the month of December rolls around, most of us rejoice that we don’t have to plan our social schedules. Why are they already planned for us? Because they are chock full of endless holiday parties. Most of us basically bee-bop from work parties to school parties to just-for-fun parties between Thanksgiving and New […]

Give the Gift of Silent Disco

Gift giving can be super stressful. And on the flip side, it can also be very easy. (We prefer easy, always.) Some people prefer a gift that’s nicely wrapped in a beautiful box with a ribbon tied around it. Others prefer experiences. Some people are really easy to shop for. Others are not. While a […]

The Benefits of An Experiential Event

If we know anything about event planning, it’s that it’s all in the experience. And, live events and experiential marketing campaigns are a great way to educate, entertain, and inform consumers on a product. As with Party Headphones™, consumers need to touch, feel, and experience a product before it grabs their attention. It’s typically a […]

Kids Can Silent Disco Too!

Let’s face it. Kids are the best partiers around. Basically, life is all parties and lots of play when you’re a kid. School is fun, field trips are taken often, and birthday parties are held on a weekly basis. Dancing and playing are what kids do best! So, it makes total sense that Party Headphones™ […]

Part Deux: Silent Disco Events in Every Corner of the United States

In our last “Every Corner of the United States” post, we wrote about ways that Americans celebrate in various corners of the country. Towns, regions, and areas celebrate in so many unique ways that our last post didn’t do it justice. Behold Part Deux! Here are some more ways that different areas of the country […]

Realistic Rental Ideas for Events

Previously, we wrote about extravagant rental ideas for events. You know, the over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime kind of rentals that make or break your career, or just life in general. After a week of dreaming about renting the White House and planning birthday parties on the French Riviera, we came to our senses and thought it’d be […]

Extravagant Rental Ideas for Events

So, you’ve got an event to plan. Once you have your client contract, strategy, approvals, and budget in place, it’s time to start working with vendors for rentals. In planning, you start with your bare-bones list that every event requires: venue, A/V, music, food, and beverage. And if you happen to have significant funds left […]